Why do you need to wait so long for the Green Card?

This article will reveal the mystery behind the Green Card waiting period and certain concepts for certain green card applicants. We will also explain to you how to read the information from monthly visa bulletin. Please keep reading and get familiar with the explanations which will help you better understand the most critical parts of Green card process and where you are at during the process. The contents in this article apply to most of the applicants under Employment-based and Family-based Immigrations.

Do you really understand what visa is?

The purpose of your intended travel and other facts will determine what type of visa is required under U.S. immigration law. There are two types of visa: nonimmigrant visa, and immigrant visa.

Nonimmigrant visa is very common such as F-1, H1B, O1, P1, B1/B2, L1, J1, G1-G5 etc. Although there are a lot of more, most of the foreign nationals’ visas fall on those and are certainly very familiar with those.

But what is immigrant visa? An immigrant visa is issued to a foreign national who intends to live and work permanently in the United States, which is exactly what we usually call a Green Card (Nonimmigrant Visa= F-1, H1B, O1, P1, B1/B2, L1, J1, G1-G5 etc. ; Immigration Visa=Green Card).

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