Immigration Articles

AugustNetwork regularly publishes blogs and reports that track the latest, and most popular topics in the immigration trend. Here, we provide the most useful and fundamental immigration knowledge you need to get familiar with as a foreign national.

We also collect opinions and concerns from our past, current and future clients through surveys and turn them into the most valuable resources for all immigrants. Not like the other businesses, we share as many free resources with everybody as possible. As a professional educational and legal consulting boutique firm, we have successfully helped over 1,200 clients with their academic and career placement, and immigration needs since 2015. We owe this success to our passion for equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need to advance forward.

From this moment when you lay your eyes on our website, AugustNetwork will accompany you through the entire journey of study, career and immigration. Contact us at for anything you need with your life overseas.

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