We bring highly competitive international student applications directly to you

August Network is a full service firm that acts as a dedicated outreach and recruitment arm for your university in order to connect ideal international student candidates directly with your admissions office. We partner with select universities that offer professional programs in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Sharing in your university’s mission to educate and shape the future generation, August Network continuously monitors global workforce trends and directs our clients towards areas of high demand and growth potential. Because we understand the key role that your university fills in this process, August Network forms strong and communicative relationships with our partner universities. As an active investor in our mutual benefit, we offer custom program creation to universities seeking to enhance their competitiveness and relevance in the modern educational industry.

Our Specialities

  • International recruitment for universities (by invitation only)
  • Digital marketing
  • Agent selection and management
  • Lead generation
  • Client intake and follow up
  • Dedicated India office for recruitment and virtual campus tours
  • Academic Partnerships
  • Webinars
  • Artificial intelligence implementation and support
  • Application development
  • International intellectual property development and management
  • Research collaboration

How we do it

Our expert agents use multiple tools to create comprehensive, competitive, and custom plans for each of our university partners to build a consistent and effective brand.


Our goal is to jump start and scale your international recruitment efforts. We then train your admissions and outreach team in our methods for self-sustained outreach.


We select our third-party agents and university partners with great care to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, as well as adhering with branding guidelines.


We specialize in branding and recruitment, both on- and off-line. Our global partnerships enable us to quite literally act as a network of connectivity between individual students, universities, and other recruitment agencies.


We treat every case with urgency and importance. We pride ourselves in delivering fast and meaningful results. Our high-skilled agents know how to leverage technology. We enjoy bringing a fresh perspective to problems common to this field.

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