Which companies in the USA hire international students as interns?

If you’re a keen learner and want to upgrade your credentials, there’s nothing as appropriate as getting an internship in the US. Not only does this opportunity empower you with an invaluable experience but can also lay the primary foundation for global professional mentoring.

For international students who plan to settle abroad with a secure job, a US-based internship can bridge the cultural gap and help them cope well for the future. Apart from being one of the tycoons in the employment sector, the US also has the most diverse internships to help you build a strong professional record. The following run would assist you in choosing among the best placements in the States for your upcoming ventures.

IES Internships, New York

For the students who plan to establish a career in the US, New York is among the best choices. The city is the center of multiple internship options that pay you back in the best ways possible. Summer internships in IES Internships in New York City can be the best addition to your resume and levels you up for a remarkable appearance in an approaching job interview. Along with top class training from the best faculty across the globe, IES also assures the candidate with guaranteed placement in the city. 


IRES is counted among the best opportunities for cultural and professional exposure for the freshers in fields of hospitality and management. One of the primary criteria in the International Recruitment Exchange Services is, however, your fluency in English. Once you’ve cleared the interview, you can rest assured and prepare yourself for the fantastic paid internships that IRES brings to you. 

Spirit Cultural Exchange

You can readily secure your chances of getting a visa by opting for a paid internship with Spirit Cultural Exchange. Before taking the plunge, you need to figure out your host company or can even reach out to Spirit for the assistance requirements. 


Those looking for a business internship can promptly choose among various fields offered by USEH International. To list a few, students can sign up as interns for HR, sales, finance, and marketing as well. This opportunity will showcase the work culture of American industries so that you can significantly hike your expertise. 

EA Ski and Snowboard Training

Internships don’t necessarily have to be boring, do they? Enjoying several snow sports and getting paid for it in return is what your course with EA Ski and Snowboard Training will be like. Once you finish ski training, you can actively take your fellow members to any of the prominent ski slopes in the US and teach them all you’ve acquired. 

Los Angeles Music Industry Internships

Los Angeles is considered to be the paradise for music enthusiasts and the best place to polish your music. With the ample opportunities that Music Industry Internships, LA bring to your palate, it is impossible to turn it down. If you’ve found your passion for music and want to take it a step ahead, this is your best bet.