Studying Abroad, Building Careers and Character

It’s commonplace knowledge among students that a degree from a university abroad gives them a considerable head-start in their careers. While research backs this trend, steady growth in the number of scholarships and community support programs prove that this practice is here to stay.

Let’s take a closer look at why an overseas degree has almost become a necessity for a successful career:

Attitude and Skill Building

According to an Erasmus Impact Study, 90 percent of employers particularly look for skills such as, decision-making, problem-solving, openness, and curiosity about new challenges in applicants. Industry experts believe these skills are essential today when building a self-learning attitude — vital for professional growth and success. What’s more, an international education urges students to step out of their comfort zone and learn new things.

Second Language Advantage

A study by AIM Overseas states that in a hiring process 72 percent of employers give significant weight to second language. That’s not all, living abroad also gives these students time to absorb the host country’s culture — something they can leverage in the job market.


From entrance exams prep right up to graduation, international universities are helping students become career ready. UK Higher Education International Unit has found that students with such guidance stand to gain from better and greater number of employment opportunities. Additionally, they earn higher salaries than their domestic counterparts. The Recent Graduates Survey also validates this finding; reporting that 97 percent of students who study abroad secure jobs within a year of getting their degrees. Furthermore, their acceptance rates at graduate and professional schools are also higher.

The process of getting admission into an international university is competitive and demands considerable effort and time. But the multitude of benefits it offers, encourages more and more individuals to actively consider an international education today. There is ample research and experience to suggest that an overseas education is an obvious road to success. It helps students get ahead in the race for the best jobs in the market and sustain a steady professional growth once hired. In the interest of promoting international education, August Network is helping thousands of students navigate the complicated journey from home to a university abroad — ensuring a safe passage to career success and beyond.