Navigating the US Healthcare system and health insurance plans for International students

Studying in the US is a dream for many students across the whole world and the place is the renowned land of opportunities! However, surviving there, even as a student is no easy stay, one must adhere to plenty of rules laid down there. One such rule that every International student must satisfy is the healthcare/insurance related rules laid down by the US Government.

The International students in the US have to buy their own insurance, as per the rules laid down by the Government. If you are unable to do so, it will cause you trouble at the time of admission to your concerned university in the US. It is better to consult with the concerned university in which you’re enrolling for your course. It is the best hub of information you’ll get for your insurance needs as a student there. You can also seek the help from the alumni of the concerned university/institute if needed.

The Healthcare/Insurance plans in the US are good, but these come with a price as well, a rather expensive one actually! If you’re a sponsored student, chances are the university sponsoring you will have insurance of their own that will cover you. If the University doesn’t have this specification then you can seek help from the International Student Office at your concerned institute.

There are many private companies that offer insurance plans as well, some of which are specially designed for International students alone. If you do wish to avail these plans it is highly recommended that you first consult with the International Student Office at your school and with the concerned person.

Apart from Insurance, you must also take care of the vaccines that you may need during your stay there. These vaccinations are mandatory for International students coming from some specific parts such as Africa or South America.

There is also a rule regarding the medications that one may take, a medicine in one country may be considered illegal in another. If you do need to take medications, you need to consult with the country’s embassy or consulate. In this case, you can also take a letter from your physician, in case you have a chronic health condition, to write you a letter addressing the issue. This can prove helpful as well in taking your medication into the US.

These are a few laws laid down by the US Government that you must comply to in order to have a smooth, hassle-free stay in the U.S.