Beyond E-mail: ways to stay connected to family and friends back home

Leaving home is both an exciting and a sad feeling. While you have the excitement of living a new life in a new place, there is also an added sadness of having to leave the near and dear ones. This often poses a problem adding miles between relationships which shouldn’t be the case. Maintaining contact with friends and families helps not only in keeping afloat the relationship but also proves to be a source of comfort when one is at a far-off place. Due to the technological advancements in recent times, there have been many significant improvements in the digital front to help you maintain a healthy relationship regardless of the geographical miles.

Be sure to stay in contact with your loved ones with a little help from science and these apps!


Not a real genius’s idea given the popularity of the app among the present generation but it is a fun way to stay connected with the family, nevertheless. It is simple to operate, fun to use, and is instantaneous. Chances are you are probably using it and if not, you should definitely give this a try!


Viber is a free messaging app just like Whatsapp. Like Whatsapp, you turn the notifications on and off depending on your availability at a particular moment. This might seem old school, texting, but it is still a great way to stay in touch across geographical differences!

Google Hangouts

Loaded with many helpful features, Google Hangouts may not be the school’s most popular kid when it comes to the world of social networking but it does a bang-up job! It can be used to set up live dates with your loved ones residing elsewhere and help you stay well in their circle of friends and families!

Collaborative Playlist

Music helps cope up with emotions best, but that’s just our opinion! There are many portals that enable you to make a collaborative playlist with your people. This is also a great way to find the comfort of your loved ones right beside you. One such portal like this is Spotify.


One other way to stay connected with your family and friends is with video messages. You can record yourself and send it to them as a video message. It might look like old school but it’s a pretty good way to stay in touch!

There you have it, few apps other than the e-mail to help you stay close to your family and friends even when you’re in a foreign land. Hope it helped!