August Network: At the intersection of program innovation, technology, and jobs

It has been a busy year for us already!

Most notably, we have expanded into job placement services and education and career counseling to our students. We are in discussions with global corporate clients that wish to educate their senior management in the United States. Thus, we have been adding university partners that understand the importance of the combining professional experience with a practical education. The students’ needs are evolving and they desire almost a vocational or experiential learning experience, preferably in a collaborative and professional class environment. Our focus is always to work with premier institutions that enhance a student’s career or up and coming universities that are redefining a core area.

Here are some key updates:

University additions

We are going to offer a professional track early 2019 in Charleston, SC. We are excited about the location as it is close to a technology hub. We will begin accepting applications for the program in late 2018 via select recruitment partners that understand the value of end to end recruitment. In addition, we are thrilled to note that we are in initial conversations with a university to consider a satellite location in the Seattle/Washington area. By mid 2019, we will have four locations New York, Seattle, California, and Charleston. They will all be connected to technology partners in cooperative agreements to propel a student’s career via professional opportunities.


We have been adding partners and channels at a fast and healthy pace. We are in the process of fine tuning our technology back end to ease transparency and reporting.

Placement and Career services

By popular demand, we have started adding corporate connections to enable internships and job opportunities for students. We are thrilled to expand into this channel to close the gap between practice and theory.

Thank you to all our wonderful partners that stood by us and helped us grow into August Network. It truly is who you know in the end. A very happy new year to you and yours.