A Comprehensive blog on job search in the US after graduation

According to common opinion, international education can easily land a person in terrific job opportunities. However, international students usually tend to face a common set of troubles while searching for jobs in the US. The employers might not be well versed with the cultural differences or visa requirements of your home country.

This brings the responsibility of putting forth these details to the employers on the students who are looking to be placed. Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to recognize the issues that you might face while job hunting and learn their consequences well.

Struggles of international students

Looking for jobs can be an effort-consuming task, and it can break all the records when it comes to job searching in the US. Although the US houses some of the best employment opportunities across the globe, you might have to walk another mile before you can secure a suitable job. 

Some of the customary struggles of job search in the US after your graduation can include Visa concerns and cost inefficiency in some instances when compared to country employees. Moreover, the employers might also be picky about the English communication skills of the individual, which again puts you at a disadvantage in case you’re not too confident about the language.

Searching for jobs post-graduation

Although for every student who’s looking for a job, it would be valid to start in time, for the ones who are searching for a job in the US, the race begins earlier. You need to keep some time in hand for the procedures that follow job selection, including the visa assistance formalities. While applying for a visa, ensure that you’ve looked through all the possibilities and regulations of your current circumstances. 

Be mindful of the career counselling and mentoring programs that you attend in school and don’t forget to keep your documents handy. Moreover, you will probably not have a better chance to build community relations than your school alumni and so, stay in touch with your school circle even after graduation.

Tips to remember while job hunting:

1.Do detailed research on your employer

Acquire as much information about your employer as possible, whether it is from online or offline sources. You’ll have a lower chance of falling short of responses if you research your company thoroughly. 

2.Understand your strengths and build your resume based on the same

You will never have a better go at boosting your confidence than analyzing your skills and building your resume around it. An occasional brush up on your strengths can help you secure a better job. 

3.Follow up is the secret to job security

Once you’ve appeared for the interviews or mailed your resume, be mindful of following up with the company. 

4.Work on your etiquette and presentation

Attend personality mentoring programs to polish your soft skills and build an attitude necessary to keep a grip on your position in front of your employer. Moreover, ensure that you’re well-dressed whenever you make an appearance during interviews or meetings to leave a strong impression.